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20 February 2011
@ 9:10 PM

Starring at the starless night, hoping that is at least one star for me to wish. Not hoping for good result but at least well enough for me to study the course I want to. Heart is beating faster and faster, while the clock is non stop tick tocking. A sleepless night.

14 February 2011
@ 9:18 PM

Stress!! Stress!! Stress!! Everyday I have new target to meet, new challenges to conquer, new strangers for me to call to. The script is the same, people I called also asking me the same questions, rejecting with the same reasons too. WTH! The worst thing is my poor eardrums. After listening for so many calls, I can’t really adapt to the voices beside me. I will eventually speaking louder and louder just to make sure I can hear my own voice. Anyway, I have one sale today with the help of Chew. Thanks him for saving me when I was mumbling there. AA…aa…AA…

@ 9:00 AM

This is the 20th anniversary year that I celebrate Valentine’s Day alone. So what! I love myself more and more each year.

03 February 2011
@ 12:35 AM

Wishing you and your family a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Chinese New Year. May good luck and good fortune always be with you. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

31 January 2011
@ 11:43 PM

Choon Lim and Chun Hui have introduced me to work as a telesales executive at Teledirect Telecommerce Sdn Bhd. I had gone for the interview at 6th of January and I wore spectacles for it. I heard rumors about having higher chance of getting the job if the interviewee is wearing the spectacles. Look smart and professional. But the interviewer said I still have student look. Attempt fail! However, I had passed the interview and I started working at 18th of January.

Training is provided for the new workers and I am one of them. I need to attend for the training sessions. It should only last for 7 days. But this batch are having more days of training not because of we are not smart enough. Our Pre-contract Exam ( PCE) is on the 9th day. Thus everything has postponed.

Is fun working at the comfortable environment they have in the company. We always having early lunch break and finish work before 6.30pm most of the days. Other than that, we have two breaks in a day where you can enjoy yourself by having a cup of milo, coffee or chocolate. Must enjoy myself more during training cause I don’t want to regret when I start working. Besides that, I feel like I was paid to study during the training time. We have lots of understanding, copying and presentations in the class. I have learnt and meet a lot of new friends there. This batch is having 20 people and there’s only 5 Chinese and others are Malays. We always have our lunch together and they are so friendly. Some of them are humorous. Red heart working with them.

31 December 2010
@ 9:16 AM

December was the best month for the students. They are having their holiday but not for SPM and STPM candidates.

December having significance Christmas and New Year is coming soon, where they will be lots of shopping centres having SALES! Good for those shopaholic. Me Red heart shopping.

I enjoyed my holiday the most when I had finished my STPM. Last day of my exam was on 16th of December and it significant the start of our holiday for around 8 months. I was having lots of celebrations and hanging out with my friends. Enjoy much of my holiday before I need to start working.

Is been a long while since I go skating. Few years I think. Shiyi, don’t jealous kay? So we had decided to go with bunch of nice friends and that was the 1st day I met Khai Lone, the Head of Six Form President in SMK Sultan Abdul Samad. He likes to say: “ Are you all pro in this and that?” Sounds like he is not good in it, but end up he can do it better than us. =.=’’’


Outing with my rhythmic gymnastics friends. All of them are younger than me but taller than me. Why can’t I grow taller?


Sue Ling is the tallest girl friend I have. She is tall and skinny. Model wanna be.


(From left): Phobe is a cute and blur girl. I don't know smile Cafrince used to be my ballet parrtner but both of us had stopped.


Hidayah is the professional gymnast where you used to see her in the television when there’s International Games going on.


Tze Teng Red heartclubbing a lot! She told us lots of experience in club. I should go and have a look soon. Sounds exciting!


Group photo. Sue Ling really can pose. I bought a same shirt with her Smile


Best Friends 4ever!

I had organised a genting trip as my so called “Class Trip”. FIrstly, I want to thank Vivian for helping me much on the trip. We got to spend less but  enjoy much in the trip. I want to thank Vivian’s father for fetching us up. Last but not least are the members who joined the trip and cooperate most of the time.


Red heart this picture!


That Kheng Aik won’t scare of freezing in genting. Dare to wear sleeveless shirt. Haha!

Cycling at Bukit Pertanian is a random plan for me. So luckily Calvin chat with me. And so randomly I asked him whether when are they going to cycle. Conclusion, lucky things always happen with Calvin.


We are models of the day!


Nice picture we took right?


Nice place, nice people and nice scenery

Later, we went to the four seasons house. Is winter season now. I didn’t know about it and without any preparation, I went in with the others. Was freezing inside there. Can’t wait for the next time when it is spring. I want to see tulips.Red rose


Ninja Ninja!


Cold!! Freezing cold!


From the themometer it shows –8 Celsius. 


But the mechanical thermometer shows –3 Celsius. I don’t know which is correct.

@ 6:32 AM


Sweet memories we have together. Friends forever!

Do you ever feel sad, reluctant when you are having your last day in your school?

No. I don’t have this feeling although I have 3 graduations in my life now. Once in primary school and we were having gathering at the end of it. Nothing to cry for. Second time was happening when I was 17 year old. I didn’t even want to perform on the graduation ceremony and yet the third time was the same. Refused to perform. Evil right? What’s my reason, you must be wondering. Stupid reason you can say. Just want to focus more on my study due to overactive in societies and  class events.

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Time is running fast without without waiting for me and it comes to the end of the year. Good Luck to all the SPM and STPM candidates. Fighting!

@ 4:27 AM

Preparation for STPM!

Go! Go! Go!

@ 2:01 AM


The cake that I was having when the cheerleaders were celebrating Xin Ann and my birthday. Such a special cake I had this year.

Nothing much to blog about September. When I flipped through my calendar, I saw a lot of my friends are having their birthday in this month. Happy Birthday to those who are having their birthday on the Same Month with meSmile

I got to celebrate with different kind of friends this year, which is quite different from last time. Cheerleaders, Tuition Gang, Family and so on. Got to eat various flavour of cakes. Appreciate what my friends have done to help me all the way long.

F: Fight for you

R: Respect you

I: Involve you

E: Encourage you

N: Need you

D: Deserve you

S: Save you

30 December 2010
@ 11:30 PM

Nothing much happened in August. Most of the time was preparing for the coming exam and celebrating friends's birthday. First was Zhen Ting's birthday. We celebrated at Yuan's steamboat restaurant. Zhen Ting having his "xingfu" smile. So many people celebrate with him on his birthday.

Second birthday celebration was Jason one. We celebrated it at Ampang Look Out Point. This was my second time going up there. Food at there was just okay but thumb up for the scenery. I can see the KL twin towers and KL tower there. All the buildings are just so small.

Nice right?

@ 11:22 PM

Muet result had finally out. OMG!!! I just hope that I can get Band 4, because I never score Band 4 in school before. Will feel better if you can score a better result than your normal exam. I'll be just satisfied with a lower Band 4. The result was out in the afternoon. I knew my result later than my friends because I went out for cheerleading practice.

I SCORE A MIDDLE BAND 4!!!! Besides, I miss the KLCC 1 Day Trip and Six Form Orientation. Sad case! Sacrifice because of cheer, but we still cannot get a satisfied result for Cheer 2010. DAMN IT! But i just love the crowd. Don't you have the same feeling when you see the photos below.
I looked like an Indian girl in this picture. But i still love this picture.

1st runner up for Best Make Up Award
Mr. Chong, my gymnastics coach.
Miss Tan Yee Ming, my dear Calyx coach.

Dissection is such an awesome experience I have. It may sound scary but actually if you are brave enough, dissection is like slaughter a fish.

Preparing the tools.
A male rat that I would choose just to prevent to get a pregnant white rat.

In the progress....

Having a bad day during the Choir State Competition. Argue with Calvin Tan early in the morning for stupid reason. Sorry, Cal. I know I'm a dangerous driver and you're the unlucky one who had the chance to sit my car where I drove at 130km/hour. Poor Calvin. After competition, we had rush back just to attend Bon Odori. I went there with Jason's gang, which include Likee, Zhen Ting, Jia Le, Aaron, Kok Hoe, Yean Teng and so on. We met a lot of friends there. At last, Likee and I decided to celebrate this event with Choir's gang. The guys looked awesome that day. A lot of them wore kimono at that day. Some of them really pretty and adorable. Enjoy much during the dancing and the meal. Dancing together in circles was so good.

Cheer party was held at Teck Kuan's house. Awesome day I had. We did try a lot of stunts and most of it also tilted one. Haha.. My fault. Oops! I learnt something new too. Go on the guys' stunt. Much higher than girls' stunt although Kim Yoong is not tall. Looking through all the Calyx pictures reminds me something that I always think is right which is Calyx always has a lot of pretty and handsome members. I remember when I was Form 1, I heard other team said Calyx has a lot of pretty girls in the squad.

C for Calyx and Champion